Rental Markets

Short Term Rentals

Miami is a hot spot for short term rentals. While the laws in the are may be complicated. We have a guide for you to take the correct steps to make sure you're compliant in the market. 

There are multiple neighborhoods in Miami and Miami Beach with high occupancy rates and profitable nightly rates. There are "sweet spots" of certain home sizes that will get you the best ROI for your money.

Long Term Rentals

Miami has a competitive long term rental market. Property is constantly appreciating in value and the long term rental market can be easier to navigate than short term rentals. Recent reports state that Miami is a renters market currently. As Miami is a constantly evolving market we keep our eye on properties to make the best suggestions for purchase, and market alerts when it becomes a buyer market.

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Download our buying guide for rentals in Miami. We go into detail regarding Long Term Rentals, Short Term Rentals and Compliance Issues.